OutWest Dance - Dance Steps
 Line Dance Step Sheets

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Starting Position Dance Move
Ballroom / Closed Position Outside Turn
Ballroom / Closed Position Inside Turn
Ballroom / Closed Position  Sweetheart / Promenade Position
Ballroom / Closed Position Cuddle / Wrap Position
 Ballroom / Closed Position Exchanges / Trades
 Sweetheart / Promenade Position Alternate Spins - lead / follow
 Sweetheart / Promenade Position Around the World - CCW
 Sweetheart / Promenade Position Skater Position
Skater Position Flip-Flops / Whip
Skater Position Change places; Double Spin Follow back to Skater
Cuddle / Wrap Position  Simultaneous Spin (L & F) & Return
Cuddle / Wrap Position Left-Side Wrap
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